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Nate Johnson

With my extensive training I’ve been trained in inspection, detection, measurement, prevention, and remediation of EMFs. If you are already living in a home, apartment or maybe just in the process of starting to build a new home I can help you minimize your exposures to these man made EMFs. I’m passionate to help you create a healthy, healing, and peaceful spaces in your living and working environment. 

As a Building Biology Environmental Consultant (in training), I can help you take steps to reduce VOCs, improve air quality, and advise about different materials in our built environment. Many toxins found in our modern buildings and environment are compounding hazards to our health. For example some types of molds will produce 600 times more mycotoxins in the presence of cell phone radiation. These molds feel “under attack” by the cellular radiation and want to reproduce. As you can see just from this one example It is important to look at our environments as a whole picture so we create the best possible solutions for you and your family.

My commitment to you is always operate my business with the utmost integrity and care for my customers. I have a personal commitment and faith in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Whether or not you are a person of faith or not I believe most people will agree they want to live a more “natural” lifestyle and more in line with nature’s systems. Mankind has never faced the different assault of toxins and stressors in our modern environments as we have today. I hope if you are reading this, we can work together to get your environment in a more natural state to promote health and healing.

My EMF Story

Majority of my adult life I’ve worked in the transportation industry in various sales, customer service, and inventory management roles. I’ve been an inquisitive person for most of my life. I like to know “why” or how stuff works. In my free time I’d often read books or and websites about various aspects of health. I’d heard years ago that cell phone radiation could be harmful to us. I believed it however I kept using my cell phone but at least kept it out of my pockets as much as possible. That was majority of my understanding about EMFs up to this point. 

At my previous job at a cold storage and refrigerated trucking company I worked in the office managing the inventory there. I often times did not feel very well there. I know it was a stressful environment many times but often I had physical symptoms more than just a “stressed out” feeling. I felt brain fog most days and often times would feel very tired shortly after arriving and even when I slept what I considered well at night. Even though I had regular chiropractic care and ate a mostly organic whole food diet I’d often times get headaches there. I had very strange painful burning sensations in my shins many days for hours at a time. Another symptom I had was what felt like is high pressure behind my eyes like something was trying to push my eyes out of my head, of course that does not feel good. 


What I consider a divine appointment I heard about book called “Dirty Electricity” by Dr. Samuel Milham. I checked it out on Amazon Kindle and it only costs about $2.50. I thought what do I have to lose by checking it out. Without going into a long detailed summery of the book I thought wow this is really crazy that the electricity coming out of walls could actually be harming us and especially the high frequency kind nick named “dirty electricity”. It opened my mind to the idea that there is a lot more to this EMF world then just wireless radiation from our cell phones. I’m not trying to minimize the harm the ever-increasing wireless radiation is doing to us and our ecosystem. However, Dr. Milham in his book provides a lot of thought-provoking evidence that dirty electricity is having negative effects on our biology. That was the life changing thought process for me. I started researching online and read as much as I could about “dirty electricity”. I learned about different types of capacitor-based “filters” for dirty electricity. I ordered several and plugged them in under and next to my desk at work. I noticed I didn’t get any burning pain in my legs that day and I also quickly noticed the very uncomfortable pressure behind my eyes went away that entire day. I thought this is pretty crazy that there is really something to all this information and many types of energy we can’t see. I can’t say I felt like 100% better all the time in that work environment but I did feel vastly improved. However long term I had fewer headaches, more focus and as I mentioned previously the two biggest changes that lasted were no burning in my shins and eye pressure pain. Just to double check the experiment I unplugged the filters for a day and symptoms started to come back very quickly especially the pressure behind my eyes (this is a symptom of high dirty electricity exposure). When I bought a dirty electricity meter to test the levels from electrical outlets it literally maxed the meter out at all the outlets and power strips around and at my desk. This is what started me on my journey to learn as much about manmade EMFs as possible. I was hungry to know as much as I could which leads to where I am today. After leaving my job in the transportation industry I fully committed my time and energy to the EMRS and BBEC Building Biology programs to learn as much as I can.

I’m very thankful that that solution worked for me at my previous work place. I’m also very thankful that I didn’t develop full blown severe electrical hypersensitivity. Many of my fellow building biologists and colleagues often times got into this when they became extremely sick. Some people feel nothing, or feel worse from the filters that I just talked about. Just as no two people are exactly alike often times solutions that work for someone won’t work for someone else. What I hope you will take away from this is even if you are doing as much as you can to take care of you and your family EMFs are often an overlooked area of our health. We are electrical beings as humans and without the energy in our bodies functioning correctly, we would not be alive. That energy is being disrupted in so many ways today even if we think we can’t “feel” anything. Or maybe you aren’t feeling your best like I was as and are realizing like many are now days that these manmade energies are affecting our bodies. After cleaning up our home as much as possible, I know my wife and I both feel better. I feel vastly more rested and focused then I did before the changes we made. I hope I can offer you and your family personalized solutions to help live and feel better in our modern environment. The good news is you don’t have to live in a cave or the middle of the jungle either. Some solutions are free small lifestyle changes you can make and some are much more complex, but I hope we can work together in your home or work environment for personalized solutions today.

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