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EMF Services & Solutions

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A Full EMF Assessment - Home or Office

“An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure”

We recommend a full day / whole home EMF assessment to get the best “big picture” of what kind of electropollution is happening in your living and sleeping environment. We will detect, measure, and educate about all the major EMFs in our modern environments so you can make safer choices for you and your family. Every person is a unique individual and every environment is different which stresses the need for personalized care.


If you or a family member is exhibiting symptoms of electrical sensitivity, we highly recommend an assessment as soon as possible. Also, if you are not experiencing symptoms of electrical sensitivity but are looking to further optimize your health and help prevent problems down the road. It is critically important to our health we get the best restorative sleep as possible. Many independent scientific studies show melatonin and other physical disruptions are caused to the sleep process from our modern-day EMF exposures. On every home assessment, special attention and focus will be placed on the sleeping areas of the client’s family. Our goal is to create “sleeping sanctuaries” for everyone.

During our assessments we prioritize the highest risk exposures. All paid assessments include results of measurements & Building Biology precautionary guidelines. Full assessments also include a summary of recommendations with follow up email and/or phone consultation. The recommended actions will be personalized and prioritized for your unique situation.

Additional details about the full assessment:

Our goal at New Light EMF is to help you reduce your exposures to these types of manmade energies. We use time tested and proven strategies. We will not offer you gimmick solutions or needless gadgets. New Light EMF has professional grade calibrated instruments. Our instruments will make these invisible energies visible.  We will offer personalized solutions and options on every assessment to help you and your family feel your best. Solutions can range greatly depending on the problem and exposure but many solutions are low or no cost changes you can start doing right away. Other solutions need a licensed professional such as an electrician to remediate.

1 hour of phone and/or email follow up is included in the price of a full assessment. Additional on-site remediation or remote assistance after the initial visit and follow up consulting time will be an extra fee. Extra detailed written reports with graphs and other very specific information related to the assessment is also available for an additional fee.

On the assessment we will look at all the major categories of nonnative EMFs. These include the following:

  • Electromagnetic Field Assessment Includes:

    • AC Magnetic Fields from certain types of wiring errors, foreign currents, improper grounding, power lines​ and point sources such as proximity electronics and appliances.

    • AC Electric Fields that conduct around and through the body in sleeping areas from common types of building wiring, power cords and external power lines.

    • "Dirty" Electricity or high frequency voltage transients from variable speed motors, solar systems, lighting systems, battery charging stations and many various electronics. It is suggested this is a more biologically harmful type of energy then our standard power systems energy.

  • Radio/Microwave Electromagnetic Frequencies From Wireless Communication Technologies:

    • Wireless radiation from numerous sources such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cell Phones, "Smart" technologies within dwellings and external sources such as cell phone antennas, "5G" ("low" frequency cell bands, mid-band and millimeter wave), smart meters, radio towers, TV towers, radar and neighbor’s equipment.​

  • Lighting Assessment with a Spectrometer​​​

    • incandescent & most halogen bulbs have an extremely low flicker rate. However this is not true with LED bulbs and each brand / model / variation should be tested with the proper instrument to assess biological impacts.

    • Lighting spectrum tested to check for excessive blue light exposures which are linked to melatonin disruption and other risks.

Following the recommendations provided from the survey you may experience:

  • Improved or reduced negative health symptoms. Potentially prevented health conditions.

  • Improved mood, feeling of peace and calm.

  • Deep, restorative healing sleep, which leads to many positive benefits such as:

    • Improved energy levels and metabolism, mental clarity, focused attention span, and increased productivity.

Many people after reducing their EMF exposures report feeling better overall. These people may not be “symptomatic” as someone who is severally electrically hypersensitive but still report feeling better and often have other physical improvements. Some people feel better instantly and others take more time as they “digitally detox”.

Please call or email today for a quote.

Additional Services:

Real Estate Pre Purchase Assessments
We recommend EMF pre purchase assessments before committing to move to a new place. You and your family need to know if your new home poses a serious threat to you. Some problems can’t be fixed or they may require vast amounts of money to remediate them. Both of these situations should be deal breakers when dealing with our precious health.


Low EMF home design on new builds and remodels 
Optimize your electrical environment from the ground up. Build what works for you and your family’s lifestyle while keeping an optimally healthy home. Prevent costly problems down the road with the proper infrastructure in place from the beginning of the build.


Focused Assessments
Our equipment can data log large ranges of EMFs including power lines, cell towers, smart meters, and radar exposure. We can do specialty assessments, focusing in on one type of EMF more than others at request. We can also detect wiring code violations but all changes to the electrical system must be done by a qualified licensed electrician.


Air Quality
At this time, we are not currently offering dedicated air quality consulting. If you have an EMF assessment setup, we can offer air quality advice as an add on.

Product Inspections, Research and Recommendations
Find out if a product is hype or legitimate. EMF characteristic testing can be performed on site of a product or device. Research before you make a big investment.

Infrared Sauna Purchase Consulting
Cut through weeks of research trying to find the lowest EMF and no VOC sauna. A high-quality Infrared Sauna is an extremely valuable tool for our health. Buy a legitimate product and have it confirmed by professional meters.

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